Italian Fashion Start-Up Owns Brand Name Steve Jobs

Despite the mark that Steve Jobs has left in the history of the modern computer industry and on our desks, the “memory of law” has an entirely different opinion of the man’s renown. Namely, the trademark ‘Steve Jobs’ is now owned by two brothers in the Italian fashion industry – strangely enough, the name remained unprotected as a trademark by Apple, which the Barbato brothers decided to use for their own benefit. Although their field of activity is entirely different, focusing on clothing and accessories, the brothers have not denied the connotation with the technology giant, creating a logo that represents a large letter J, with a piece bitten off and covered by a leaf. Although it is remarkably similar to Apple’s logo, the court saw no reason to link the two logos, because the letter J, unlike an apple, is not edible. Experts say the case is not over and Apple might strike back.



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